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Hardworking claim adjusters is our success!

We are a team of professional experienced insurance claim adjusters, licensed construction experts, engineers, accountants, legal staff and experienced and successful negotiators. Our team works on your behalf to provide you with the maximum settlement you deserve.

You have no stress of paperwork, no phone calls, and no appointments with the insurance companies to get what you deserve. We do all the work! You just collect your check.

No recovery, no fee, no cash out of pocket until you get paid by the insurance company. There is no financial risk to your home or business.

We offer FREE property damage inspections by our construction experts, licensed by the State of Florida. Our inspectors often detect problems or potential problems that you may not be aware of, damages the insurance company adjusters often have missed. This is money out of your pocket!

Our engineers are experts in the field of cost and quality control. Our adjusters compile all material and labor cost and check the quality of replacement materials to be used in your home. It is important that you get EQUAL VALUE or BETTER VALUE when reconstructing your home to its original condition.

Our construction experts licensed by the State of Florida, engineers and experienced adjusters work together in determining the cost of your property damage. After the cost of your claim has been established the claim package will be quickly and efficiently submitted to your Insurance Company. Our adjusters can complete content and inventory loss reports for your home, condominium or business.

Our adjusters get the maximum settlement for our clients.

Our adjusters have the training to identify exactly what the coverage is on your insurance policy. They are efficient at compiling all of the information necessary to process your claims quickly and efficiently. Our experienced adjusters will use the best techniques and training to negotiate and get the maximum dollars for your insurance claim.

Our legal team at Silverstein, P.A.

Our attorneys are expert trained negotiators. They are trained to handle settlement terms and know the latest insurance laws. Our legal team will make a positive difference in the settlement of your claim. They are here to advise and direct when needed.

Insurance Companies will often offer better settlements to attorneys, to avoid the possibilities of the litigation process. Insurance companies are big and powerful. The power of attorneys to file lawsuits, if the need arises, places you on “even ground” with the insurance companies.

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