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Hurricane/Storm Damage Insurance Claim Adjusters Miami, Fl.

Hurricanes result in the most catastrophic damages a homeowner will experience. Hurricanes can have massive effects on individual’s lives. There are often major property damages after a Hurricane and it is important that a home or business owner examine the exterior of their property and assess the damage. Due to high winds, sometimes exceeding 150 mph, there are heavy rains and tidal surges. Roofs are torn off, windows and doors broken, siding is torn off, drywall, floors and contents of your home or business get wet, and exterior structures are destroyed. Our job is to make sure you get the best storm claim settlement possible.

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Tips for after Hurricane

    • Avoid all downed electrical lines
    • Report to Florida Power and Light or your local Power Company any down electrical lines.
    • Listen to battery operated radio for safety information or for a “boil water order” and any other safety information from local government.
    • After you confirm that it is safe, examine the following areas:
    • Check for fallen trees that have damaged your home.
    • Examine roof to see if shingles or tiles are missing. For your safety examine roof from ground.
    • Check for broken windows and doors.

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