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Your home or condominium is flooded, the roof is leaking, pipes are broken or there was a fire. You have smoke damage, the windows or doors are broken or missing. Disaster! You feel helpless! You need help! at Silverstein, PA are here 24 / 7 to give you immediate help! Call us (305) 582-1818

Silverstein P.A., our professional claim adjusting team is committed to providing fast quality service, while insuring you are properly compensated for your claim. We handle all types of property loss covered by residential and commercial insurance policies. Silverstein P.A. provides full service adjusting for daily and catastrophic claims throughout Florida.

Disasters and accidents occur on a daily bases. This is why you carry an insurance policy. Overflowing sink, tub or toilet, broken water pipes, kitchen fire, or broken fish tank can cause lasting damages to a property. What many homeowners don’t realize is that these damages are covered under their homeowners insurance policy.

If your home has been damaged by a disaster or an accident and you need to file an insurance claim we will help you: Investigate your property damage, analyze your situation, and explain your options. Silverstein P.A. will evaluate your repair costs and maximize your compensation.

As a South Florida residential property claims adjusting firm, one would think that the core of our business is hurricane or storm claims. The fact is that as a homeowner there are many damages you could claim from your homeowners insurance policy. In fact we are able to help homeowners throughout the state of Florida with a wide scope of residential property damage claims. Our expert Insurance Claims Adjusters, together with our Licensed Construction Experts, will immediately begin the process of preparing the necessary paperwork to submit to the insurance company. We will identify, document and photograph all damages. Our Construction Loss experts and Insurance Claim Adjusters, along with the Engineers, will compile the cost of the materials and labor to return your home to its original or better condition.

We represent YOU the policyholder. It is important that YOU are well represented.

Silverstein, PA claim adjusters are skilled, experienced loss experts, consisting of Construction Specialist, Engineers, Insurance Claim Adjusters, Successful Negotiators, Legal Team, Accounts, Real Estate Specialist and Appraisers who work solely for you, the Policyholder.

Please call us for a free consultation. Our claim maximizing procedures will offset our fees.

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