Hire a Public Adjusters

If you feel that your insurance company is trying to short change you when it comes to paying your claim, it is because they are! Insurance companies are not in the businesses of paying claims. However, they are bound by the contract they extended you when you assigned a policy to them. In South Florida, many people hire a loss adjuster, also often referred to as a claims adjuster or public adjuster. Those that know better hire an attorney who is well vested in the insurance claim process and with a track record of winning disputed claims by insurance companies.

In some instances, it is ok to hire a run of the mill Miami claim adjuster! Nevertheless, if the insurance company puts up a fight or even a modest objection, that claim would have to be escalated to a legal team or attorney! Why waste all that time and play around or experiment with your options. Get the representation you need on day one by hiring the law firm of Silverstein & Associates. As a leading Miami claim adjuster, we offer a wide range of services that cater to home and business owners disputing a claim. These services include free inspection and consultation of damage to home or business, physical damage cost, litigation management, claims adjusting, claims management, subrogation recovery, business interruption, and more. If you need a claim adjuster in Miami, give us a call at  (305) 582-1818 or fill the form provided to schedule a FREE no-obligation consultation.