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Flood Claim Adjusters Miami, Florida.

Floods can cause major damage to homes and businesses. Floods are a specialized claim and need experienced claim adjusters to inspect your home or business. It is important that Flood Damage Claims are filed and processed correctly.

Floods are classified as rising water from an overflowing lake, river or a tidal surge from the ocean. The coastal areas of Dade, Broward and Palm Beach are prone to damage from tidal surges. In a flood event there can be a lot of content damage as well as structural damage. It is important that you call Claim Adjusters at Silverstein PA to have our structural and claim experts look at the damages and decide the proper way to process your claim.

After the flood tips below:

  • Remember: Safety Comes First! Make sure all power is off before entering a wet building
  • Listen to your local radio and television stations to see whether your drinking water was affected by the flood. If your water supply is unsafe to drink, a “Boil Water Order” will be issued.
  • If you are on an independent water source your water should be tested before using.
  • Make sure that all gas lines are turned off.
  • Flood waters can saturate insulation and drywall, furniture, carpets, clothing which can create the possibility of mold developing. Mold can be dangerous to your health. Anyone with allergies, respiratory conditions or any other health problems should avoid these areas of the home. Action should be taken as soon as possible to remove wet items and dry out the interior of the home.
  • Open all windows and doors to let in fresh air and avoid breathing the contaminated air from flood waters
  • Catalogue and photograph all damaged contents BEFORE removing damaged contents to the outside

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