Why do I need an insurance adjuster? | Silverstein, P.A. | claimadjusters.co

Answers to some questions you may have!

You would not go to court in front of a judge or prosecutor alone. You need representation and an advocate that knows insurance law. Your representative at Silverstein, PA Insurance Claims Adjusters will be there throughout the entire claims process. Silverstein, PA will handle your claim from beginning to end when you receive the money you deserve from the insurance company. We at Silverstein, PA, represent YOU.

Silverstein, PA experienced insurance claims adjusters will see that you receive the money that you deserve. This is usually much more than the insurance company pays. Our Adjusters always get the maximum settlement for our Clients. We at Silverstein, PA, represent you.

Our Construction Experts, Licensed by the State of Florida, do not charge for the Property Damage Inspection and Documentation of Damages.

Insurance Company will often offer BETTER settlements to attorneys to avoid the litigation process. Insurance companies are big and powerful. The power of attorneys to file lawsuits, if the need arises, places you on “even ground” with the insurance companies for your maximum settlement. We work for YOU, Keith Silverstein, PA represents YOU! Our legal team is there to guide and direct.

NO You pay no money up front. No money out of pocket until you receive your check from the insurance company

No. The Insurance Companies are governed by strict Insurance laws and denying or cancelling a policy because you had a claim is illegal.