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Our Loss Adjuster Experienced Staff Is The Reason For Our Success!

Welcome to an insurance adjusting website owned and operated by Silverstein & Associates. Our firm consists of a team of insurance claim adjusters, licensed construction experts, engineers, accountants and legal staff, who are experienced and successful negotiators. Our team works on your behalf to provide you with the maximum settlement YOU deserve. We offer a wide array of layered services that include but are not limited to:

  • Free Inspection and Consultation of Damage to Home or Business
  • Physical Damage Cost
  • Litigation Management
  • Claims Adjusting
  • Claims Management
  • Subrogation recovery
  • Business Interruption

You hire Silverstein & Associates and we do all the work! There is no stress of paperwork, no lengthy phone calls, no appointments to keep track of and more importantly, no fighting with your insurance company to get what you deserve. We do all the work and when and only when you collect a check do you pay us a small fee.

Our goal, as insurance claim adjusters, is to always get the maximum settlement for our clients. This is because our adjusters are experts at loss adjustment and masters in the recovery process. We possess a broad knowledge of insurance policy coverage and negotiation techniques, necessary to process all claims in an efficient manner. Out team will not only expedite your claim but also manage and keep track of your payments.

When having an in house legal team matters!

Insurance companies are notorious for short changing claims that are filed by contractors, homeowners and business owners. We need to point out that this happens as the result of inexperience or being unfamiliar with the claim process. There are many different forms and some are time sensetive. Knowing when and how and what forms to file is important. Our legal team knows the State of Florida insurance laws which gives the home and business owner the advantage. When you hire Silverstein & Associates you can count on an experienced and well regarded legal team of attorneys and adjusters that are expert negotiators, and trained to handle terms that comply with the latest changes in insurance law. Having a legal team oversee your claim will make a huge difference in the way your claim is settled.

Studies show that insurance companies will often offer a better settlement to a law firm than to a regular public adjuster. This is done primarily to avoid having to engage in a litigation process. Insurance companies have powerful experienced attorneys that look after “their” best interest . The power of having access to a legal team, ready to file lawsuits, puts you on “even ground” with the insurance companies. Studies show that having a legal team on your side has a positive effect on the dollar amount you receive in your settlement. So call us today to find out more about our ‘No fees, with no cash out of pocket, until you get paid policy.’

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