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We are a team of experienced insurance claims adjusters, licensed construction experts, accountants, engineers, legal staff and experienced and successful negotiators. Our Team works on your behalf to provide you with the MAXIMUM SETTLEMENT you deserve. There is no stress of paperwork, no phone calls, no appointments or fighting with insurance companies to get what you deserve. WE DO ALL THE WORK! If you have a claim that has been denied you may still be entitled to the settlement that you deserve. We will review your policy and determine if your claim can be reopened. IF YOU DON’T GET PAID WE DON’T GET PAID.

No Recovery – No Fees – No cash out of pocket until the insurance company pays!

Fire Damages Claim | Insurance Claim Adjusters


Floods are classified as rising water from an overflowing lake, river or a tidal surge from the ocean. In a flood event the coastal areas are prone to damage from tidal surges. Floods in homes and businesses can also be caused by broken pipes in the walls or floors; and they can be just as devastating. There can be a lot of content damage as well as structural damage.

Water Damage Claim | Insurance Claim Adjusters


Roof leaks, plumbing leaks from broken or leaky pipes in kitchen or bathroom; toilet or tub overflow in bathrooms; broken pipes in ceiling or floor; leaks from air conditioner, all appliance leaks. Our experienced claim adjusters at Silverstein, PA, consult with a Licensed Plumbing Contractor, to determine the source and cause of the leak to begin your claim.

Mold Damage Claim | Insurance Claim Adjusters


Silverstein, PA has Certified Mold Experts to examine, identify and treat mold. Mold usually occurs when there is dampness or standing water, wet carpet; leaks in plumbing pipes in the kitchen and bathroom, bathtub overflow, or leaks from air conditioning units and any appliance leaks. Mold can be harmful to your health and needs to be removed immediately.

Fire & Smoke Damage Claim | Insurance Claim Adjusters


Any type of fire in your home or business can be devastating. You can expect damages from smoke, soot, heat and the water used to extinguish the fire. Both small and large fires need to be handled by an experienced claims adjuster. Call Silverstein, PA at (305) 868-0200 or email us via claimadjusters.co.

Hurricane/Wind/Storms Damage Claim | Insurance Claim Adjusters


As the hurricane capital of the world, South Florida has a history of catastrophic property damages from hurricanes, windstorms and tornadoes. These types of claims are often the most underpaid claims. We will see that your claim is filed quickly and you get the maximum payment from your insurance company.

Business Claims | Insurance Claim Adjusters


Business loss can be property damages or loss of business claims. Businesses are not only subject to mishaps within their premises but also from those adjoining or nearby businesses. In a business any type of damage can be a claim, which we can file on your behalf, for property damages or loss of business.